“I favor your. I’m probably get him.”

“I favor your. I’m probably get him.”

Roger Halstead gave The Let you know those sms not reviewed of the cops agency. Specific had been direct texts ranging from Lt. Espinoza and Roger Halstead.

They let you know a direct commitment anywhere between reviews that are positive – identified inside the house since the “Guardians” – and you may demands out of Lt. Espinoza to possess naked photographs away from Roger Halstead.

Once revealing a positive letter regarding a resident, Manager Halstead questioned the fresh lieutenant for another confident review that may assistance with offers and introduces.

Administrator Halstead texted the newest lieutenant a beneficial screenshot regarding their arrest statistics, and you can once again requested a positive admission on Guardian tracking program.

Master Grogan’s inner things investigation did not get off discover the choice one Lt. Espinoza fastened one authoritative action so you’re able to need for sexual prefers.

The main added, “regarding close to 2 hundred screenshots We have compiled, there isn’t any proof you to definitely Espinoza threatened to help you keep back, otherwise suggested that he carry out, good reports otherwise additional jobs in the event the sexually promiscuous discussions were not captivated.”

However the master got only the texts the prospective away from his study and other officials got provided your. He didn’t have this new messages Halstead has conserved.

Halstead had currently informed the new agency regarding their intent to help you sue, along with his lawyer did not enable it to be your getting interviewed having the internal research as it is actually led by the among the named defendants .

Lt. Espinoza was also responsible for hiring and you can hiring this new officers on the department. He had been extensively acknowledged to own returning Dunwoody cops to help you full push just before he resigned.

Inside a book to your “F*** Boys” category, Lt. Espinoza mutual an image off a job candidate into the a motorbike. The guy discussed the brand new candidate due to the fact, “several other Mexican applying with us.”

Lt. Espinoza texted on the category, “Might help your regarding network regarding believe. Do you believe he’ll decide for the casual d*** need?”

Halstead informed you Lt. Espinoza, “create give us monitor attempt of men and women he had been vetting, as if we were to test their appearance.”

Halstead sent naked photographs, as well

Once we interviewed Roger Halstead, he discussed Lt. Espinoza’s needs to possess nude pictures, however, failed to accept giving people in response.

When Captain Grogan put out their interior data, he included multiple text messages which have nude images Halstead got delivered for the class.

Whenever asked about those people of the Tell you, Halstead admitted so you can lying once the he was embarrassed because of the question into the cam.

Halstead are weeks out-of using the oath off office in order to become a Lumpkin Condition Sheriff’s deputy if the inner things report premiered. The sheriff rescinded the employment render following the report premiered by Dunwoody.

What did order employees understand of course performed they know they?

Bolden is now employed by the fresh agencies due to the fact prisoner transport manager, and then he has filed an alerts off purpose so you can sue brand new agency.

As he is actually called in for wondering within the chief’s study, Master Grogan said, “you will find, (in advance of correcting themselves) otherwise never will be, any kind of retaliation towards proven fact that you went exterior and had a lawyer and you will registered that it.”

Halstead’s suit comes with allegation from Bolden that Lt. Espinoza several times expected your to take part in intercourse. Bolden told The latest Demonstrate that Espinoza requested him, “when would you appear to my ranch, and you may spend some quality go out with me. Show-me how good you bring d***. The guy along with asked me is actually a top otherwise bottom particular child.”

Head Grogan’s declaration calculated the entire demand team was at the latest dark from the Bolden’s claims, hence Espinoza had, “refused asking Bolden if the however desire to spend the weekend on his house and feature your ‘how well they can draw d***,’” the main had written.

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